What Our Clients Say About Us

“When I hired Indigo for my Council race, I expected expertise and diligence. What I wasn’t expecting – but got – was authentic, grinding commitment. A campaign is a personal journey, despite its public nature, and there is nothing more important that trust in your team. What I came to realize, just as important is your team’s genuine faith in you. Indigo earned my trust, and as important, they believed in me. Indigo managed every aspect of my race, and while I didn’t end with a W (I was running strongly against the odds), I never doubted the decisions that were made as a team, from day one to Election Day. I couldn't imagine hiring, or recommending another team.”

Peter Shapiro,
Democratic candidate for DC Council At-Large

“Working with Indigo Strategies changed the way I viewed professional campaign staff. Their integrated approach allowed me to more efficiently utilize resources and, as the candidate, focus on raising the funds needed and meeting the voters. In my previous campaigns I spent too much time being the adult in the room among the competing jealousies of the folks I had hired to get me to the finish line.

“This is a very talented firm that can deliver on fundraising, message, media, field and staff management. As Walter explained to me – the candidate is neither the coach nor the quarterback: the candidate is the football – and needs the team and coaching staff to carry the ball across the goal line to score. With Indigo on board, I had the confidence to be the ball and rely on them to lead the team. And I’d do it again.”

Julie Bornstein,
Democratic candidate for Congress, CA

“In 2013 I put aside my comfortable situation as a college professor to run for the United States House of Representatives. Having never run for office, I understood that I needed to surround myself with experts. I hired Indigo.

“Every single written document from my campaign—fliers, direct mail, policy papers, op-ed pieces—was absolutely perfect in pitch, clarity, substance, and effectiveness. We had good text, good graphics, and persuasive, clear, short, compellingly presented messages.

“Indigo also trained me to articulate my policy positions so that they’d resonate with multiple audiences, and, with Indigo’s help, I became good at it! I won the endorsement of every single newspaper in my district.

“They also found me the perfect campaign manager, who learned rapidly how to handle me, how to push me, how to keep me focused, how to force me to do the call time necessary to raise money. It worked well: we had over a half million dollars in individual contributions, adequate for a primary in central Illinois. And I would go with the same team at the drop of the hat if I ever run again.”

George Gollin,
Democratic candidate for Congress, IL

“I recommend Indigo without reservation. Our Congressional campaign wouldn't have gotten off the ground without the help of their team. It was great having professionals who understand campaigning and campaign requirements and, more importantly, the timing for fulfilling those requirements. Having the expertise that the Indigo team provided allowed our campaign to focus on the business of crafting a message and reaching voters with our ideas for a better future.”

John Olson,
Democratic candidate for Congress, OK