Social Media - "Indigo Identity"

Digital communication should be utilized by campaigns in many ways, and each component can enhance the campaign’s core functions from voter persuasion, to fundraising, to grassroots organizing. Indigo can help your campaign with any and all of these component parts, but to integrate your campaign’s overall digital program, we offer our signature digital product, Indigo Identity.

Indigo Identity is designed to give your campaign an advantage from day one by integrating the various digital and social media components into a comprehensive and ongoing package. Indigo Identity utilizes a mix of ongoing produced digital content and managed paid and organic social media to establish your campaign’s brand identity with voters from the beginning of the campaign cycle and build and maintain that engagement through Election Day.

Our goal is to use persuasion to reach not just voters, but also donors, stakeholders, volunteers and activists to strengthen all of the core functions of a successful campaign.