Campaign Consulting and Management for First-Time Candidates

If you have decided to run for office,
there are no doubt many questions going
through your mind (or there should be).



How do I raise money? Who should I hire, and when? Which people and groups should I reach out to for help and support? How do I ensure I am in compliance with legal and fundraising requirements? How do I craft a smart, realistic budget? Who are my voters and how do I reach them? What is my campaign plan? How do I win?


Launching a campaign is like launching a rocket: it takes a lot of energy to rise the first 10 feet off the ground. Everyone cheers when you land on the Moon, but that doesn’t happen without a successful launch.

Our role

As general strategic and political consultants to your electoral campaign, we design a comprehensive and integrated campaign plan and strategy, including timelines. We create (and continually revise) your messages to voters and other interested parties. We help you put together the right team (at the right times) and provide high-level contact and guidance.

Decisions and plans made in the first three months of a campaign are critical. Indigo Strategies offers a hands-on, comprehensive program to ensure you make the right moves early.



Campaign Management

Creating a campaign from scratch and effectively managing it through Election Day requires a blend of expertise, systems, enthusiasm, and clear-eyed realism. Indigo people know how to motivate and get results from staff and volunteers (yes, and candidates), react quickly to opportunities and challenges while working the long-term plan. We can recruit and provide appropriate staff from top management to finance, field and communications, and provide HR administration for them.