Media and Digital

Television and Digital Video Advertising

Since 2016, Indigo is proud to have had our work recognized with 112 Reed Award finalists, 40 Reed Award winners (more than any other Democratic TV/digital firm, most of whom are much bigger than we are), 15 Pollies and five Polaris Awards for our work in Europe.

We own all our own production equipment – four production cameras with multiple lenses, lights, sticks, sound, prompters, two high-end drones, Ronin and Steadicam, and accessories – and growing. Basically, until it needs a crane or a car chase, we don’t rent anything. Because of this, we can often save clients costly rental fees charged by other media firms.

We have 24/7 access to our main edit facility. We are also proud of our ability to quickly and affordably produce multi-length pre-roll spots from existing materials when other footage isn’t available (we call them “yard-scrap” spots).

In many of the campaigns we have worked on, we are both the TV and the digital vendor, so we have considerable experience blending and testing the two. Our focus is on data-driven media programming. In today’s information environment, viewers no longer make much distinction where they see advertising. All of our spots are “dual-purposed” for linear television and digital delivery.

Indigo takes buying very seriously. We buy the shows the targets are watching, and we buy across all of the associated web and streaming outlets by merging media analytics, a campaign's internal research, and voter file data.

In total, we strive to make every ad decision based on delivering the most effective and efficient content to the right voters in the right places.