Indigo is the darkest shade of blue. We chose it on purpose, not as cool branding, but to signify our mission.



Whether your goal is elected office, winning hearts and minds or pushing back against bad policy, we can help you not only figure it out, but also make it happen.

Indigo is a full-service consulting firm established to help progressive candidates, causes and labor organizations – and only them – achieve measurable success. We do that by providing actionable strategic advice and a broad spectrum of practical, tactical support. Learn more about what that means in the “Services” section of the site.

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Wherever we work in the US and around the world, we believe that while “all politics is local,” there are universal approaches to and qualities of strong persuasion and successful action: clarity, authenticity, respect for the people you’re trying to reach, and unwavering attention to detail.

On the campaign side, we are often hired for the toughest races in hard-to-win places. We have collectively been involved in more than 200 campaigns, ranging from US Presidential campaigns to European Parliament elections, large IEs for labor to state legislative caucuses to municipal and school board races.

We take on tough strategic and communications challenges for campaigns, unions and progressive causes (also often in tough environments). We motivate action among stakeholders, driving unique, thoughtful engagement that changes minds and wins over voters.

We’re not interested in being famous pundits. You won’t see us bloviating on cable television or quoted in the newspaper, unless that’s something that helps the client. What we do should only serve the clients’ interests. We’re about the work and the win, not the credit.

Our pricing is reasonable and fair. Our interest is in winning on behalf of progressive candidates and causes. We make a living, but we will never work on corporate “astroturf” campaigns for the dough.

We trust in our calling.

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