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About Indigo

Indigo is a full-service consulting firm established to help progressive candidates, causes, and organizations achieve measurable success. We do that by providing our clients with strategic advice and a broad spectrum of practical support. We’re known for taking on tough races in tough places.

Combined, we have decades of experience, and have been involved in over 200 Democratic campaigns at all levels ranging from Federal campaigns to state legislatures to judicial elections, from party-building to municipal and school board races. In Europe, we have worked on national and European Parliament elections and labor campaigns.

Indigo’s work is focused on TV and digital communications. We don’t view these as separate silos (and neither do viewers), and we have had great success building communication strategies that integrate these communication channels to maximize our clients’ communication budgets.

While media and communications are our specialty, Indigo has deep experience in all facets of building successful campaigns, and we frequently work with candidates from the very beginning - to get their campaign moving quickly and keep it on the right path.

Since 2014, we have produced over 1,200 video spots and placed $20 million in combined advertising.

Since 2016, our record in swing-state legislative races (direct, caucus and IE) is 63 wins, 19 losses, including helping to flip the Michigan and Pennsylvania Houses this year.

Award-winning creative that wins elections

High-quality creative production isn’t a luxury - it’s how your story is told. Whether you are a candidate for office, or an advocacy organization supporting multiple candidates, telling your story persuasively is the key to success.

At Indigo we live by the motto, “we make persuasion, not art,” and our creative wins elections.

It also wins awards. We are proud to have our work be recognized by our peers, with 40 Reed Awards (from 112 finalists) since 2016 (more than any other Democratic digital/media firm of any size), and 15 Pollies. To view a reel of some of our past work here:

And we deliver high-quality creative work at a reasonable cost. Because we own our own cameras, production equipment and editing facilities, and shoot with our nimble and lean crew structure, our production costs are often significantly lower than our peers.

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How Can Indigo Help You?

The team at Indigo Strategies is ready to talk about how we can help you.

As a candidate for public office, our team is ready to give you the help you need to get your campaign started, and create a path to victory that works. We’re also excited to work with you and your team to design a plan to tell your story to the people who need to hear it.

Selected Past Work

Michigan House Dems (2018 thru 2022) - as the soft-side TV vendor, we flipped 17 seats and held 12 over three cycles. In 2022 we were part of the team that flipped the Michigan House to Democratic control for the first time in over a decade.

Virginia Labor IE (2017) - In 2017, we created 29 spots in less than 10 days for a labor-funded IE in 12 VA House races. The spots were served over 4M times, and our candidates won nine of the 12 races. For most of the campaigns, ours was the only visual communications. The campaign won a Gold “Best Overall Series” Pollie award. In 2019, we worked with a leadership PAC that helped flip the House of Delegates.

Justice For Victims PAC (2022) - as the media team for this PA Trial Attorney’s multi-candidate IE, we targeted 4 PA State Senate and 6 PA State House seats. We won 8/10 of those races and helped flip the PA State House to Democratic control for the first time since 2010.

Even in deep-red North Dakota, our work helped flip six House and Senate seats and protect seven incumbents.

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