Other Services

Political Research.  We provide issue and opposition research (“votes and quotes”), appearance and debate prep.  This research will, of course, also be available for multiple purposing.  We coordinate and work closely with polling firms.

Press.  We develop a message calendar as part of the campaign plan, and write press releases and op-ed pieces, and manage your relationships with the media.

Field.  We develop a comprehensive field plan as part of the campaign plan that includes household-level targeting, candidate and volunteer touch and walk plans, phone plans (paid and volunteer) and GOTV and early-voting strategy, where applicable.

Staffing.  We can recruit and provide appropriate campaign staff from top management to finance to field, and provide HR administration for them, including payroll, benefits, unemployment and workers’ comp.

Event production and management.  We plan and manage both fundraising and larger-scale public events, including site advance, press and public management and vendors.